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President and CEO, POSCO PR-TECH 김광수
As POSCO's dedicated maintenance business enterprise, POSCO PR-TECH, centered on technical expertise in maintenance, a skilled labor force, and proprietary know-how—all key for reinforcing Pohang Steel Mill's operations—embarked on a new journey on June 1, 2023. The new name incorporates the company's mission to transcend the boundaries of mere repair and inspection, embodying the essence of a specialized maintenance enterprise and the promise of business growth in the future.

As our vision statement, “Safety All, the Best Provider of Total Maintenance Solutions,” suggests, our personnel are diligently building a “secure foundation for steel mill maintenance operations” by actively fostering a voluntary safety culture and undertaking tasks grounded in stringent standards and risk assessments, believing that “safety isn't just a priority, it's everything.”

POSCO PR-TECH will relentlessly aim beyond being merely competitive, striving for Smart Safety and systematic business diversification. In the near term, we envision ourselves as a forward-looking specialist in maintaining POSCO's steel mill facilities. In the long run, we intend to penetrate new growth maintenance sectors within the POSCO Group, such as global business sites and secondary battery materials, ultimately evolving into a Global Top maintenance-centric enterprise.

Our company will invariably seek to foster an environment where our stakeholders—clients, shareholders, partners, and local communities—can engage and empathize with us, thereby generating even greater corporate value. All our team members are committed to nurturing a corporate culture of mutual respect and consideration, striving to earn trust across all ESG domains.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering interest and support as POSCO PR-TECH begins its journey.
Thank you.
President and CEO, POSCO PR-TECH Kim Kwang-Soo