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Management Philosophy
We strive to evolve beyond steel maintenance, aiming to be globally recognized for superior service and safety management across all domestic and international POSCO Group manufacturing facilities, including secondary battery operations.
Safety All, Top Technology, Human Respect
Our resolute mission is to be a company that prioritizes safety and happiness,
secures unrivaled technical prowess by amassing smart maintenance technology,
and embodies a culture of warmth and compassion by practicing the value of human respect.
Code of conduct
Shiljil (Substance), Shilhaeng (Execution), Shilli (Practical)
  • Safety
    Safety AllWe all, driven by the conviction that we are the ultimate guardians of safety, adhere to basic tenets and principles while ceaselessly innovating our safety systems to shape an even safer environment.
  • Capacity for Growth
    Sustainable GrowthWe commit ourselves to never-ending improvement and challenges to secure the world's leading competitive maintenance capabilities, thereby aspiring to evolve into a Global Top maintenance-focused enterprise.
  • ESG Management
    ESG ResponsibilityWe strive to become an enterprise that earns trust across all ESG sectors by championing environmental conservation, undertaking socially responsible initiatives, including support for the underprivileged, adhering strictly to laws and ethical norms, and fostering a corporate culture of mutual respect and consideration.