Welfare Benefits

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Welfare Benefits
In-House Employee Welfare Fund
  • Children’s Tuition
    We offer equal educational opportunities for children of our employees by providing support for tuition for K-12 and college/university education.
  • Welfare Points
    Providing welfare points that can be harnessed towards personal growth, fitness training, cultural pursuits, and recreational activities
  • Recreation Facility
    We provide support for using recreational facilities in-house and across the country to help employees relax and refresh their body and soul.
  • Congratulations and Condolences
    In the event of congratulations and condolences, we offer vacations, congratulations and condolence allowance, funeral supplies and funeral directors.
  • Healthcare
    Employees are covered by the group employee insurance for accidents with wide coverage for health checkups, injuries, and illnesses to improve the overall health of our employees.
  • Boseong protection system
    Prevention of career interruption and support for low fertility by operating maternity support systems such as parental leave, reduction of labor during childrearing, and leave for fetal examination
  • Self-development support
    Support for job-related, language-related tuition and certificate acquisition congratulations for employee growth
  • vacation system
    Special vacation/travel expense support and short-term leave system for long-term employees to refresh employees