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Recruitment Process
  • 1. Document Screening
    We check the candidate’s relevance to the job position based on the submitted application, and review whether the candidate has any reasons for being disqualified.

    Through document screening, we select applicants who will be qualified for the next step: a personality test and the first interview.

  • 2. Personality Test
    We check the personality of candidates, including interpersonal skills for company life and sociability.

    Candidates who pass the document screening take an online personality test (takes approx. one hour).

  • 3. First Interview
    We comprehensively examine the applicant’s knowledge in the position he/she has applied for and job competencies.

    Working level employees from the relevant department and the HR conduct the interview on skills and qualifications required for the position, along with his/her personality.

  • 4. Second Interview
    This interview is conducted by the Company executives where they check whether the candidate is in fact the type of person the Company is looking for.

    They ask a series of questions on the applicant’s values and the outlook on profession to check his/her can-do spirit, creativity, and ethics.

Our People
Creative Talent
We don’t succumb to hardships that get in our way in achieving our goals. We take on challenges to drive change with fresh perspectives to invigorate the organization with new ideas.
  • Can Do Spirit
    We set high goals to be the best, backed by a strong will and passion that doesn’t yield to any obstacles.
  • Creativity
    We look at situations and problems from a different perspective. We analyze and integrate them to present original alternatives and solutions.
Open Minded
We work internationally with the ability to lead in the global era. We respect diversity with an open mind and attitudes to form relationships based on trust and thoughtful consideration for others.
  • Global Competency
    We communicate smoothly with our global counterparts with insights into working internationally, business etiquettes, language and IT skills.
  • Openness
    We respect diversity and different cultures with an open mind. We build relationships based on trust and thoughtful consideration for others.
Contribution to the Society
We perform our duties with candidness and transparency based on strong ethics. We fulfil our social responsibility for various stakeholders to build a world of harmonious co-existence.
  • Ethical Compliance
    An attitude that adheres to the basics and principles based on morality and does not accept even the slightest injustice or corruption.
  • Spirit of Sharing
    An attitude to serve the community in good will to make the world happier as a member of the society.