Ethical Management

CEO Message
Greetings! I am Kim Kwang-soo, CEO of POSCO PR TECH.
POSCO PR TECH, a POSCO maintenance company, intends to create a happy workplace where individual growth and work performance are harmonized in a safe and pleasant working environment based on the accumulated technology and knowledge-how. In addition, we will continue to grow into the highest competitive company that fulfills human respect and social responsibility by actively carrying out activities to build a self-participating safety culture.

Employees and executives, as a member of POSCO Group, we must take pride in ourselves and take responsibility to the next level to create a more mature organizational culture. Today, the ethics of a company is the requirement of the times, and the level of ethics of a company is becoming the most important measure of value in determining its competitiveness. In the past, abnormal behaviors such as "sexual harassment" and "bullying" in the workplace caused by authoritarian culture and "abuse" against suppliers and suppliers have frequently undermined corporate image.

Now, we should all pursue the value of coexistence and symbiosis that develops together by internalizing it in our minds and actions based on the highest ethical consciousness.

To this end, as the CEO, I declare that ethics is the top priority for management, that I will focus my attention and efforts, and that I urge my employees to make ethics the top priority for all decisions and actions, and that we should all pledge and practice the following to achieve our ethical management goals.

First, we will keep in mind that POSCO PR TECH's management principle is to choose ethics over profits when ethics and interests conflict, and in particular, we will be held accountable for the four unethical acts, including bribery, embezzlement, information manipulation and sexual ethics violations, as well as for acts that violate human respect, such as harassment and power abuse, in accordance with the principle of zero tolerance.

Second, let's build a corporate culture in which all executives and employees, including suppliers, respect and consider each other. Ethical decisions should be made in a transparent and fair manner and in a respectful and caring manner for all stakeholders. Shared growth with stakeholders will further strengthen our company's competitiveness.

Third, let's make sure that all executives and employees are life protectors for the creation of a safe and happy workplace. All executives and employees should actively participate to maximize safety execution in order to realize a disaster-free workplace, such as checking each other for even minor precarious behaviors and risk factors, communicating to improve immediately, and actively conducting horizontal deployment activities to prevent recurrence of similar cases.

POSCO PR TECH will strive to grow into a trusted company that fulfills its social responsibilities by realizing a corporate culture of mutual respect and consideration that sincerely communicates with employees and stakeholders based on its management philosophy that puts ethics first.

January 3, 2024