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Health & Safety Management Policy
POSCO PR-TECH prioritizes safety and health as the foremost values of the company management and aims to curate a safe and pleasant work environment, diligently focusing on preventing accidents and elevating the quality of life.

In pursuit of this goal, POSCO PR-TECH has established a safety and health management policy underpinned by the following principles that guide all activities of the company and managing a safety and health management system to fulfill these principles.
  • - We deem respecting human life and creating a safe work environment our prime objectives.
  • - We adhere to the safety and health management system and continuously scrutinize and enhance its execution.
  • - All employees and related company personnel proactively engage in safety and health activities, complying with regulations and company rules.
  • - All potential hazards and risks are identified and mitigated beforehand, and such information is disseminated among all employees via training.
June 1, 2023
Chief Executive Officer, POSCO PR-TECH