Clean System

Purpose / Operation Process

Preventive measures against unethical behavior
  • - The executives and employees who receive solicitations will have justification to refuse solicitation on the grounds of the report, and
  • - There will be a preventive effect on people making solicitations in the future due to the concern for having a record of such solicitations.

Practicing a spirit of informing/reporting
  • - Creates an atmosphere of sincerity and transparency by having Company executives and employees conscientiously report solicitations they have received.
  • - The fact that they have reported the solicitation is deemed voluntary and the person reporting is exempt from liability for problems and responsibilities to protect good employees.
Operational procedures

All executives and employees involved in all phases of recommendations and solicitations, including the person who received the recommendation or solicitation, the person who was notified of the news, and staff.

How to report

Any executive or employee who has received recommendations or solicitations must register the case as is without any omissions or adjustments to the story based on the five Ws and one H.

When to report

The informant must report the case on the system within 24 hours following such a recommendation or solicitation. However, the deadline may be delayed in special circumstances (e.g. meetings or business trips).

How the recommendation or solicitation is handled