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Practicing Corporate Citizenship
POSCO PR-TECH is conducting various activities under Business, Society and Peoples categories to create greater corporate values and build a better future together based on communication and empathy with different stakeholders in and out of Korea.
We strengthen the business ecosystem through cooperation and the creation of new values for recycling based on our industry.
  • - We take part in the local efforts to form a virtuous cycle of aluminum use, for a harmonious coexistence with business stakeholders. We are also undertaking diverse activities based on our industry, such as the recycling campaign for a greener earth.
We take part in local efforts to resolve environmental issues, by reducing our carbon footprint and making small forests in urban parks.
  • - In connection with the steel packaging business, we support cities to create forests in city parks to give back to the society and improve the image of the Company as an eco-friendly company. We are also working hard to expand clean, green areas to respond to climate change.
  • - Every employee is taking part in an activity that reduces carbon emissions to contribute to the efforts to resolve environmental issues, and lead the sharing activities.

Joining regional efforts to resolve social efforts by focusing our resources on future generations.
  • - We are working hard to train aspiring young talent and establish the educational culture in the region by offering opportunities to learn and build learning/playing areas for future generations.
  • - We are also conducting a project through which we improve housing for children and young adults of low-income families.

Sharing and interchange aimed at harmonious existence with the local communities.
We form a corporate culture of trust and harmony through active communication.
  • - POSCO PR-TECH is certified by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as a family-friendly company that creates a system and an environment catered to work-life balance. We have adopted flexible work hours, social clubs, and a Descartes system to promote work-life balance for employees.