Fair Trade

CEO Message
Greetings, I'm Kim Kwang-soo, CEO of POSCO PR TECH.
Dear POSCO PR TECH employees!

Since its launch in June last year, the company has been striving to realize a happy workplace in a safe and pleasant working environment and realize the value of human respect.

POSCO PR TECH aims to create a transparent and fair business relationship with all stakeholders, including partners and suppliers, through mutual respect and consideration. To this end, the company held a ceremony in September 23 to declare the Fair Trade Self-compliance Program (CP) with a strong commitment to actively and voluntarily comply with the law for fair and transparent business, and established a fair trade infrastructure to prevent various risks from both inside and outside.

These fair trade self-compliance programs are not limited to specific departments directly related to fair trade, such as purchasing and contracting departments, but all executives and employees should be familiar with CP-related laws and actively implement them in carrying out their actual tasks.

The profits gained against fair trade compliance may help the company in the short term, but it should be deeply recognized that it will weaken its competitiveness in the long run, and it should not be forgotten that such deviations can destroy not only the reputation of the company but also POSCO Group overnight.

I would like to ask all executives and employees to participate in realizing the value of coexistence and symbiosis that develops together with partner companies by enhancing the execution of compliance management that complies with fair trade laws based on the highest ethical consciousness

January 3, 2024