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Social Contribution Strategy
POSCO PR-TECH is actively participating in sharing activities for our neighbors in need in the region to create a world where we can all smile together.
Your companion
for creating a better world
  • We are driving the initiatives to preserve our ecosystem for a sustainable future.

  • We support the future generations so that they can follow their dreams and grow into healthy, happy adults.

  • We share what we have with our neighbors in need.

  • Talent Donations
    (Value Volunteer Activities)
    We have a volunteer group where our employees can use their talents or interests to help local communities resolve social issues.
  • Corporate Volunteering Under Various Themes
    A corporate volunteer activities under common themes and goals, including the Global Good Citizen Week
  • Division &
    Individual Volunteer Activities
    We encourage our employees to voluntarily participate in volunteer activities for neighbors in need as a division or as an individual.
  • 1% Sharing Fund
    Employees can voluntarily take part in donations by offering 1% of their monthly salary to local social contribution activities.

    *Details of projects implemented with the 1% Sharing Fund are disclosed on the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation webpage.