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Management Philosophy Diagram
POSCO PR-TECH is committed to contributing to building a better world and creating greater corporate values based on the corporate philosophy, Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together.
What is corporate citizenship?
This concept has added the characteristics of a citizen to a company, referring to one that fulfills the role and responsibility of coexistence and symbiosis for social development much like a citizen in modern society.
Based on POSCO Corporate Citizenship
Employees apply this management philosophy to all decisions they make, voluntarily participating in creating a better society based on care and sharing at work and in everyday life.

Take another step together. Go the Extra Mile!

Just as mature citizens step up and do good things for their community, corporate citizens also practice the values of fairness, transparency and ethics, taking a step further for social progress in all management activities and day-to-day operations.
POSCO constantly communicates with stakeholders and reinvents and innovates itself with the business philosophy of corporate citizenship.

We practice

We practice corporate citizenship in all areas of business, society and people. This comprehensive and active concept creates the value of symbiosis in all three of these areas, instead of unilaterally returning corporate profits to society.

Corporate Citizenship:
Building a Better Future Together
Fields of
Business Biz파트너(협력사·고객사·공급사) 공정·투명·윤리 실천 동반성장 최고의 제품·서비스 Society 사회공동체·개인(지역사회·주변이웃) 사회문제 공감·해결 기여 지역사회 발전·환경경영 나눔활동 참여 People 포스코그룹 임직원 안전하고 쾌적한 근무환경 조성 공정 인사·안정적 노사관계 다양성 포용·일과 삶의 균형
  • Business

    Business partners

    • Practice of fairness, transparency, ethics
    • Shared growth
    • Best products & services
  • Society

    Social communities
    and individuals

    • Contribution to addressing social issues with empathy
    • Development of local communities & environmental management
    • Participation in philanthropy
  • People

    POSCO Group employees

    • Creation of a safe and pleasant work environment
    • Fair HR affairs & stable labor-management relations
    • Diversity and inclusion and improvementof work-life balance at workplace
Talents with the mindset of action, consideration and creativity
Code of
Shiljil (Substance)Shilhaeng (Execution)Shilli (Practical)